Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring is coming! / Vine primavara!

Tiles decorated with napkins and acrylics - for a colorful kitchen!
Placi de faianta decorate cu servetel si culori acrilice - pentru o bucatarie colorata!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Chocolate piles / Mormane de ciocolata

I am not a great cook.  I'm not even young, but rather in the youth of maturity (or in plain language, I'm about to turn 50).  My children tease me that 30 minutes is the longest time I have ever spent in the kitchen to whip up a meal - healthy, somewhat tasty, but without the WOW factor!  And when it comes to desserts - well, we either have one of my mother's three types of cakes, or whatever looked appealing in the sweets store.  Not that they've complained -I am blessed with two amazing and loving children-, but I've always felt guilty of depriving them of memories of a house filled with the smell of something good simmering on the stove or basking in the oven (a scene that I've read so often about in books and longed for, myself sometimes).  
Nu gatesc bine.  Nu sunt nici macar tanara, cu toate ca spun ca ma aflu la tineretea varstei a doua (sau, in limbaj simplu, sunt pe cale sa implinesc 50 de ani).  Copii mei ma tachineaza ca nu am stat pana acum mai mult de 30 minute in bucatarie ca sa pregatesc o cina - sanatoasa, oarecum gustoasa, dar fara a fi Minunata!  Iar cand vine vorba de desert - ei bine, am avut parte fie de una dintre cele trei variante de prajituri pe care le facea mama, sau ceva ce ni s-a parut interesant la cofetarie.  Nu ca s-au plans vreodata - de fapt, sunt binecuvantata cu doi copii minunati si iubitori-, dar m-am simtit vinovata ca nu le-am putut crea amintirea unei case inundata de mirosul apetisant a ceva bun ce fierbe lent pe aragaz sau se coace in cuptor (o scena despre care am citit de atatea ori in carti si pe care mi-am dorit-o si eu la un moment dat). 

As my schedule has now become less hectic, one of my New Year's resolutions was to diversify our meals and adventure into the world of cooking - entrees, main meals, desserts, whatever.  So, these past weeks I've been 'researching' (that is - surfing) the internet for treats for my family and friends.  Now, don't expect too much - I seem to still be attracted to easy, quick and healthy recipes -, but at least I've ventured into a new domain - home-made desserts!  That's how I discovered Michael's site Inspired By Charm and his deliciously-looking Poop Cookies!  Since I didn't have the exact ingredients he'd used, I thought, what the heck, since it's adventure time, let's improvise!  So here's what I've come up with - chocolate piles! 
Din moment ce viata mea a devenit mai putin agitata in ultima vreme. in Noul An mi-am dorit sa diversific meniul familiei mele si sa ma aventurez in lumea gatitului - antreuri, feluri principale, deserturi, si asa mai departe.  Asa ca in ultimele saptamani m-am 'documentat' pe internet.  Nu va asteptati la prea multe - sunt inca atrasa de retetele usoare, rapide si sanatoase -, dar macar m-am avantat intr-un domeniu nou - deserturi facute in casa!  Asa am descoperit site-ul lui Michael Inspired By Charm si minunatele sale bombonele Poop Cookies!  Din moment ce nu aveam ingredientele pe care le folosise el, m-am gandit ca, ce mai, daca-i timpul pentru aventura, hai sa improvizez!  Si iata ce am creat - mormane de ciocolata!

What I did:
Ce am facut:

For the White Chocolate Piles
Pentru Mormane Albe de Ciocolata

Broke into small pieces a bar of 100 gr white chocolate
Am rupt in bucatele un baton de 100gr ciocolata alba
Mixed together 5 tablespoons of raisins, 2 tablespoons of sunflower seeds (not roasted) and 1 tablespoon of  plain wheat flakes
Am amestecat 5 linguri de stafide cu 2 linguri de seminte de floarea soarelui (ne-prajite) si 1 lingura de fulgi de secara
Then, I melted the chocolate pieces on a double boiler system (on the stove, put a small pan on top of a larger one half-filled with hot water)
Apoi am topit ciocolata in bain-marie (pe foc, am pus o cratita mica intr-una mai mare umpluta pe jumatate cu apa fierbinte)
When melted, and while still on the stove, I folded in the raisins mix
Am amestecat ciocolata topita cu amestecul cu stafide 
And finally, with a teaspoon, I put pieces of the mixture on a plate covered with baking paper
Si apoi, cu o lingurita, am luat din amestec si l-am pus in gramajoare pe o farfurie acoperita cu hartie pentru copt
Then, into the fridge to cool.  Simple and quick!
Iar la final, le-am pus in frigider ca sa se raceasca.  Simplu si rapid!

And, since I also had some dark chocolate and walnuts in the house, I did another batch:
Si, deoarece mai aveam niste ciocolata neagra si nuci prin casa, am mai facut un rand: 

Dark Chocolate and Walnuts Piles
Mormane de Ciocolata Neagra si Nuci
200 gr dark chocolate
200 gr ciocolata neagra
50 gr walnuts, roasted in the oven and then chopped
50 gr nuci, rumenite in cuptor si apoi taiate in bucati potrivite
fold in the walnuts into the melted chocolate
amestecat nucile cu ciocolata topita
spoon the mixture onto a plate covered with baking paper.
pus amestecul in gramajoare pe o farfurie acoperita cu hartie pentru copt.

In 30 minutes, I had a delicious, healthy and good looking dessert!
In 30 de minute, am un desert delicios, sanatos si aratos!
 Hope you'll enjoy making and eating them too, and, specially, that you won't wait until you turn 50 to make time to explore and enjoy the small pleasures in life! 
Sper ca va veti bucura si voi sa-l faceti si sa-l savurati, si, mai ales, ca nu veti astepta pana la 50 de ani ca sa va faceti timp sa explorati si sa va bucurati de micile placeri ale vietii!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flori de vara / Summer flowers

pictura in acrilic, panza pe carton, dimensiune 30 x 40 cm
acrylic painting, canvas on cardboard, size 30 x 40 cm

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Afara - zapada, vant, frig / Outside - snow, wind, cold

Inca o saptamana de zapada!  Mi se pare ca am avut mai multa zapada decat in ultimele trei ierni laolalta, vanturi puternice care par a fi scoase din basmul Craiasa Zapezii, si temperaturi atat de scazute incat cred ca acum sunt antrenata sa merg in Siberia!  Cel putin acum, dupa inca doua zile de ninsoare aproape fara oprire, s-a mai incalzit un pic si azi a iesit soarele dintre nori pentru cateva ore.  Am avut impresia ca a fost o zi de odihna - ca sa ne tragem sufletul, sa ne deszapezim cararile, sa luam legatura cu vecinii si prietenii, sa facem schimb de experiente, sa ne intarim pentru ceea ce mai urmeaza.
Va doresc zile senine si nu uitati:  Chiar si-n zilele proaste exista momente bune!  Cauta-le!

Another week with snow!  It seems we've had more snow lately than in the past three winters put together, strong winds that seemed like the blizzards in the Snow Queen fairy tale, and temperatures so low that I think I'm now prepared to go to Siberia!  At least now, after another two days of almost continuous snowfall, we are having better temperatures and today the sun came out of the clouds for a few hours.  It felt like a day of rest - to catch our breaths, clear our paths, connect with our neighbors and friends to exchange experiences, and buckle up for whatever's coming next.  
Wishing you serenity in the days to come, and don't forget:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Acasa, la caldurica / Home, where it's warm

Cutie din lemn vopsita cu culori acrilice / 
Wooden box hand painted with acrylics

Cutie din lemn vopsita cu culori acrilice si decorata cu trandafiri uscati drept amintire a verii/
Wooden box hand painted with acrylics and decorated with dried roses as a reminder of summer

Cutie din lemn pictata cu culori acrilice si decorata prin tehnica decoupage /
Wooden box painted with acrylics and decorated with decoupage

Cutie din lemn pictata cu culori acrilice si decorata prin tehnica servetelului - perfecta pentru pastrarea si etalarea colectiei de ceaiuri /
Wooden box painted with acrylics and decorated with the napkin technique - perfect for keeping and displaying a tea collection

Iata ce am mai facut in timp ce afara continua sa ninga ...
This is what I've been doing while outside it continues to snow ...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rame foto / Photo frames

Ramo foto din lemn, decorata prin tehnica decoupage si pictata in culori acrilice / 
Wooden photo frame decorated with the decoupage technique and painted with acrylic colors

Ramo foto din lemn, pictata manual in culori acrilice / 
Wooden photo frame hand painted with acrylic colors

Ramo foto din lemn, pictata manual in culori acrilice / 
Wooden photo frame hand painted with acrylic colors

Ramo foto din lemn, pictata manual in culori acrilice / 
Wooden photo frame hand painted with acrylic colors

Ramo foto din lemn, pictata manual in culori acrilice si decorata cu aplicatii de scoici si nisip/ 
Wooden photo frame hand painted with acrylic colors and decorated with sea shells and sand

Rame pentru a ne adaposti amintirile care ne lumineaza zilele. /
Frames to shelter the memories that light up our days. 
"Memories, light the corners of my mind,
Misty, watercolor memories, of the way we were.
Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind,
Smiles we give to one another
for the way we were. 
so it's the laughter we will remember
whenever we remember
the way we were."
- The Way We Were, by A.L.Webber, T.S.Elliot, T.Nunn

Si urmariti-o pe Barbara Streisand dand suflet acestor versuri. /
And watch Barbara Streisand giving life to these lyrics. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Testul Tripului Filtru / The Triple Filter Test

Oglinda cu floarea soarelui / Sunflower Mirror
Oglinda cu rama lata din lemn pictata manual si decorata prin tehnica decoupaj / 
Mirror with wide wooden frame, hand painted and decorated with decoupaje

Oglinda cu bambus / Bamboo Mirror
Oglinda cu rama lata din lemn pictata manual cu culori acrilice / 
Mirror with wide wooden frame, hand painted with acrylic colors

Oglinda de iarna / Winter Mirror
Oglinda cu rama lata din lemn pictata manual si decorata prin tehnica decoupaj /
Mirror with wide wooden frame, hand painted and decorated with decoupaje

In urma cu cateva zile am descoperit pe mail urmatoarea povestioara, care desi nu stiu de unde provine, mi-a placut foarte mult.  Mi se pare un test excelent pentru a ne face viata mai frumoasa.  Sper sa va placa si voua!

In Grecia Antica, Socrate era renumit pentru respectul cu care isi trata prietenii.
Intr-o zi, o cunostinta l-a intalnit pe marele filosof si l-a intrebat:
"Stii ce-am auzit despre prietenul tau?"
"Stai putin", a replicat Socrate."Inainte de a-mi spune ceva as dori sa facem un test. Se numeste testul Filtrului Triplu."
"Filtrul Triplu?"
"Exact", a continuat Socrate. "Inainte de a vorbi cu tine despre prietenul meu , ar fi o idee buna sa stam un pic si sa filtram ceea ce vei spune. Acesta este motivul pentru care il numesc testul Triplului Filtru. Primul filtru este Adevarul. Esti absolut sigur ca ceea ce vrei sa-mi spui este adevarat?"
"Nu", spuse omul. "De fapt doar am auzit despre asta si......"
"In regula", a spus Socrate. "Deci nu stii daca este adevarat sau nu.  Acum hai sa incercam si al doilea filtru, filtrul Bunatatii. Ceea ce vrei sa-mi spui despre prietenul meu este ceva bun?"
"Nu, din contra........."
"Deci," A continuat Socrate, "Vrei sa-mi spui ceva rau despre el dar nu esti sigur ca este adevarat. Totusi poti sa treci testul, deoarece mai este un filtru: filtrul Utilitatii. Ceea ce vrei sa-mi spui despre prietenul meu imi va fi de folos?"
"Nu, nu chiar."
"Bine", a concluzionat Socrate, "Daca ceea ce vrei sa-mi spui nu este nici adevarat, nici bun, nici chiar folositor, de ce mai trebuie sa-mi spui ceva?"

A few days ago I discovered in my inbox the following story, and even though I do not know its source, I enjoyed it very much.  I find it is an excellent test to make our lives beautiful.  Hope you enjoy it too!

In ancient Greece, Socrates was famous for treating his friends with great respect.  One day, an acquaintance asked him:  "Do you know what I've heard about your friend?"
"Just a minute," replied Socrates.  "Before you say more, I'd like to do a short test - the Test of the Triple Filter."
"The Triple Filter?"
"Exactly," continued Socrates.  "Before talking to you about my friend, let's stop for a second and filter what you are about to tell me.  This is why I call it the Triple Filter test.  The first filter is Truth.  are you absolutelly sure that what you are about to tell me is true?"
"No," answered the acquaintance.  "Actually, I have just heard about this and ... "
"All right," continued Socrates.  "So you do not know if it is true or not.  Now, let's try the second filter, the Filter of Kindness.  What you wish to tell me about my friend is kind?"
"No, quite the opposite ... "
"So," continued Socrates, "you wish to tell me something bad about him but you are not sure  that it is true.  You can still pass the test, because there is one more filter - the Filter of Usefulness.  Will I find useful what you wish to tell me?"
"No, not exactly."
"Alright,"concluded Socrates, "if what you wish to tell me is neither true, nor kind, nor useful, why do you have to tell me anything?" 

Friday, September 30, 2011


Mirodenii / Spices
Tehnica decoupage cu servetel aplicata pe o bucata tigla veche / 
The napkin decoupage technique applied on an old piece of roof tile

Trandafiri / Roses
Tehnica decoupage cu hartie de orez pe o bucata de lemn / 
Decoupage with rice paper applied on a piece of wood

Iata doua lucrari noi cu  o tehnica pe care am descoperit-o de curand si care ma fascineaza - tehnica decoupage!

Prima este inspirata dintr-un tutorial pe care l-am savurat pe site-ul creativ art-hobby.  In vara, o prietena a schimbat tigla de pe casa ei, iar eu am luat cateva bucati (care, printre altele, au rezistat la intemperii timp de mai bine de 10 ani) pentru ca-mi placea forma si textura.  Cand le-am luat nu prea stiam ce urma sa fac cu ele, dar acum mi se par si mai interesante!

Zilele trecute, printr-o plimbare prin Bucuresti, m-am oprit intr-un magazin de materiale de pictura si m-am indragostit de o coala de hartie de orez cu acesti trandafiri.  Ii si vedeam odihnindu-se pe o bucata frumoasa de lemn, protejati de un strat crapat de lac!  Desigur ca n-am rezistat sa-i si pictez un pic.  Si iata-i - proaspeti pentru totdeauna!

Here are two new pieces created with a technique I recently discovered and become fascinated with - decoupage!

The first is inspired from a tutorial I savoured on the site creativ art-hobby.  This summer, a friend change the tiles on the roof of her house, and I took some of the pieces (which, by the way, have withstood the weather for more than 10 years) because I loved their shape and texture.  I did not know what I would do with them, but now they are even more interesting!

A few days ago, during a walk in Bucharest, I made a stop in a painting supplies store and fell in love with a piece of rice paper with these roses.  I could see them resting on a beautiful piece of wood, protected by a layer of crackled varnish!  And of course I couldn't resist to add a little paint as well.  And here they are - forever fresh!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cale / Calla Lillies

pictura in acrilic, panza pe rama din lemn, dimensiune 30 x 40 cm
acrylic painting, canvas on wooden frame, size 30 x 40 cm

Saturday, September 24, 2011

ARTFair Romania

Zilele acestea are loc in gradina Green Hours de pe Calea Victoriei o frumoasa expozitie de arta contemporana in aer liber - ARTFair Romania.  O ocazie minunata de a admira lucrari originale de pictura, grafica, arta decorativa si de a discuta cu artistii intr-un cadru neconventional si relaxant.  Merita o vizita!

This Saturday and Sunday, in the Green Hours garden on Calea Victoriei, there is a beautiful exposition of contemporary art - ARTFair Romania.  A wonderful ocassion to admire original works -paintings, graphics, decorative arts- and to chat with the artists in an unconventional, relaxing space.  Well worth a visit!

Iata cateva dintre ele...

Here are some of them ...

Sculpturi din lana de / Wool sculptures by Ramona Stanca Vartosu  

Pictura lui / Paintings by Dan Isaila

Pictura si obiecte decorative de / Paintings and decorative objects by Iulian Virtopeanu

Dorel Manole

Fotografie pe lemn / Photography on wood Wood Be Nice